Carnivore Diet Bible


This passage also cites genesis 2:24, which says that husband and wife “shall become one flesh. Now my eating window is closed. That said, the popularity of the carnivore diet has spread to be a more general weight loss diet. “kind of sad walking around the store and seeing so many people my age that are just literally deteriorating from a garbage diet of grain, processed carbs, vegetable oils and the illusion of protection by some vegetables,” baker says in an instagram post. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and alzheimer's. Why do christians use the bible to justify immoral and unethical behaviour. The bulletproof diet advocates a sustainable approach to the low-carb, high-fat way of eating called the cyclical ketogenic diet.

Carnivore Bible
Carnivore Bible

Check off the things you want to take. Scientists, however, like all meat- dairy and egg-eating addicts, also succumb to the same idiocy and incoherency of addiction-related problem-solving. I’ve already personally taken the most expensive course ever. They generally keep to higher altitudes where competition between. If you are pleased with carnivore’s bible program after going in to the details of it, register carnivore’s bible and undergo a few simple steps and achieve what you want and more.

Carnivore Bible
Carnivore Bible

On top of that, an all meat diet will increase testosterone, which is naturally followed by increased strength. The word "protein" means most important. But in most cases that. What were paul and silas doing when an earthquake freed them from prison. Now let’s look at human anatomy and see how the human has evolved. Write lewis and clark on the last line of your timeline for the year they started on their famous journey to explore across the america. If they would actually read the new testament they would see that jesus was a loving, peaceful liberal. I will repeat what i said: the story of tyke proves nothing about the nature of pre-lasparian lions, wolves, tigers, and the like. Also, the overall effect of hunting & killing wild unclean animals for trophies isn’t good. Glucose that becomes attached to healthy body molecules such as ldl cholesterol,.

Carnivore Bible
Carnivore Bible

 (hint: verses 5 and 12)  (answer: we need to love the truth and seek the truth in god’s word. All genuine carnivores and omnivores eat an animal's eyes, nose, face, toes, tail, anus, inner organs, blood, brain, skin and fur uncooked. The bible teaches the following. But it will not be so then.   serving our neighbor pathogenic unclean creatures. Tend to produce energy much less efficiently (which is why there are no. But of all the terrible tales told about these dragons, none has been so persistent and pervasive than that of their bite. While you can use other texts to prepare, everything is put together for you in this easy book. Just kidding, she quit because of migraines.

Carnivore Bible
Carnivore Bible

Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallstones, and cancer could best be described as. I was raised catholic and went to 12 years of catholic school so it was a big shock to me when i grew up and found out that a lot of christians take the bible as historically true. The lions in eden had large molars for grinding vegetation, and small canine teeth. Would not be ‘murder’ but the lord’s will. Came out of the ark, one kind after another” “so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful. I don’t, but i would. Law of moses" -ie the traditions of the pharisees- was excluded by this.

Carnivore Bible
Carnivore Bible

Even several years after jesus' crucifixion he was still following jesus'. Although she may also be understood to symbolize all the true people of. Mammal babies grow inside their mothers. And anxiety-ridden is putting it mildly. The good news is that most people can convert k2 to k1 and vice versa depending on demand. The supernatural will come and bite you in the rear when you doubt it enough to disobey. The first temple at eridu was dedicated to enki, which.

Carnivore Bible
Carnivore Bible

If you have any  questions on the test results, or anything else, feel free to ask through the comment section below. You’ve probably never been in a better position in your life to determine. In that sense the ark is a type of the church which preserves the elect for the new creation. "now the man called his. Real carnivores/omnivores eat dead, rotting animals on the side of the road. Learn more by watching this science up close presentation. Image puts them above creation which was designed to serve mankind. For some people, the advice to just eat animal products may be quite liberating. Carnivorous, they can easily survive on vegetarian diets. Not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

But definitely when you get your blood work again, i’d love to see what your hscrp is. Since they would die of malnutrition in a short period of time. I don’t get blood sugar dysregulation problems. Georgia ede md would share a historical observation about vegan and carnivore diets in order to support this theory:. In 2010, my husband, who has type 1 diabetes, started the paleo diet. You can look up information elsewhere as well. Unfortunately harvey’s ideas and methods went completely against the mainstream ideas of how the human body worked and what was thought of nutrition, so he was shunned & blacklisted.

Hypoglycemia is an abnormally low. He is trying to describe a state of existence which is beyond our capacity to understand fully as yet. The "open letter to dr laura" does an excellent job of pointing out many of the ridiculous rules and fallacies of the bible. Weaker immune system: a deficiency in the amino acid arginine can contribute to the dysfunction of your t cells — the cells that regulate your immunity. Anthony gustin, and vivica menegaz have shared their experiences on the diet as well. * [11:15] tongue: perhaps to be identified with the gulf of suez. Clean and unclean food list – page 3. This further suggests the importance of plant-based foods for diabetes prevention and management. They are used because they closely resemble the human metabolism and anatomy.

24) may refer to the great weight of the animal's chest, as does the comparison with "a lower millstone" (the heavier stone in a mill). However, i do not see how we can rule out the possibility that this change in human weaning time was facilitated simply by increased caloric intake, which could have been supplied by either cooked starches, or a combination of cooked starches and meat. This article will help us consider what the bible teaches concerning insects and the flood. After all, who wouldn’t want to follow a diet that lets munch on juicy steaks while helping you lose weight. No they are herbivore no, pandas mainly eat bamboo and grass. Would you feed your kid raw meat. Cold cuts and processed meats such as ham, pepperoni, capicola, and salami are typically not recommended for the first month or so on the carnivore diet.

The background is not really clear. This simple story seems to be the crux of so many problems and i think even god is saying "really. From which i was torn. Possible concerns about the carnivore diet. Chiles rellenos you can eat once a week. For our iniquities' (isaiah 53:5), he satisfied the just requirements of. The short title of this bill is the "local law. I realize i don’t have to give up food or drink for lent.

I don’t just hand them a giant fruit bowl, but they do eat some fruit every day if they want it. So, to answer your first question, yes: the diet is radical, and you need to be careful with how you balance your meat consumption by following the tips below:. Decrease saturated fat intake to less than 10 percent of calories and select. Clogged arteries or atherosclerosis is really a term to describe the buildup of plaque inside the coronary arteries, restricting blood flow. And here are some nutrition facts for 100 grams of a ribeye steak (quite common cut on the carnivore diet). At that time, all the animals. Practice of nibbling carbohydrate foods to control the blood glucose level. Thou eat all the days of thy life' (3:14). This is a zero sugar diet.

Energy electrical discharge results in the splitting of molecular nitrogen. Chapter 7 – the blackleg of shakespeare’s time: usually the first thing someone says when they realise i am a carnivore, is that i am about to get scurvy. Even if you are trying to gain muscle during a bulk or recomp your body, the carnivore diet is still a great choice. I got good results, but i was pricking my fingers constantly, nervous that i wasn’t in ketosis. Write john adams on the second line of your timeline with the date when he became president. It is also reasonable to assume that god wouldn’t have specifically prevented insects from boarding the ark. To surmise a list of the most frequently cited benefits, it would go something like this:. And it became known to all the inhabitants of jerusalem: so that the same field was called in their tongue, haceldama, that is to say, the field of blood. Carnivore’s bible is natural and gives perennial solution to your problem. Such matters, it seems more in character that god merely 'allowed' certain.

But after she gave birth, her glucose levels worsened. "sugar free" sweeteners are classified as a sugar alcohol. This i’m supplying because some of you may share this post with your friends. Over thousands of yearshumans spread across the world and their knowledge grew untiltoday, as said before, we don't need to eat meat. They start asking, “what can i have on the carnivore diet. The first is that they did in fact do so. Meat is full of proteins. Refused to acknowledge that the ingestion of flesh is toxic to the human body.

Note: this only applies to carnivorous characters.

Carnivore Bible

Otherwise is to run counter to an immense avalanche of fact. Eggs can make up for the missing vitamins a, e, d, and folate, for example. Circa 1573), in which elizabeth i wears the medieval symbol of the pelican on her chest. In fact it is very good. Parallel column with that of our own version, which was.

Encourages you to eat as much meat as possible, it might seem too good to be true. What is verse 10 talking about. Any weight loss that carnivores have seen as a result of going all-meat, all the time. Basically, it’s probably not a diet you’d want to try anytime soon, but even the most avid meat eater would likely admit that’s a blessing in disguise. Was a pagan religious practice at that time, protecting them from getting. Similar to david’s story above, joe and the other founders of crowd cow have spoken to hundreds of farmers around the world about the craft meat revolution. Questions about the principles and values that ought to guide decisions about dinner have become urgent for moral, ecological, and health-related reasons. Now skip from the first book of bible to the last and look at the numbers there. Shawn baker on the impossible hq podcast:. Thank you for all your wonderful science.

It can hear the footfall of a mouse, pick up the faintest odor, and judge a body's size from the heat it throws off. To the prevention, treatment, and control of hypoglycemia and diabetes. It is a great fortune like me to have systems like carnivore’s bible. They also sought to undermine the value of the jewish practices described in the bible (p. “it really has been that simple all along. The best meat eaters can do here is to show that the science on the healthfulness of veganism is unclear, a lot of people anecdotally don’t do well on a vegan diet, and vegans are giving up more than they realize when they exclude animal products from their lives. Dispersed throughout the region later dominated by greece. Get updates on my carnivore diet directly to your inbox or facebook wall. English letters to enable us to pronounce it. In one instance, when the proportion of protein calories in the diet exceeded 40 per cent, a diarrhea developed.

Utilitarian – n – an advocate or adherent of a theory that the aim of action should be the largest possible balance of pleasure over pain or the greatest happiness of the greatest number. Animals are amazing and they are all so unique because our god is amazing and creative. But a study in 2012 proved that decreasing your fiber intake actually resulted in. Later, on a different continent, by an entirely different. Shuruppak, ubartutu became king and reigned. I contend that the bible tells us directly that god created at. 5 million years ago, our ancestors had become meat eaters. Prominent members of the church were adherents of paul.

[53] the air sacs are connected to the airways of the respiratory system, and the pelican can keep its air sacs inflated by closing its glottis, but how air sacs are inflated is not clear. As we know that god "is the same yesterday, today, and forever. While your body is adapting and healing from years of malnutrition,. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with the carnivore’s bible™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked. He lives on a farm and never ate meat, but he ate eggs and cheese and drank raw milk. Paul tells them to agree together. I plan to return to carnivore several times a year for specific goals. Expositor’s bible commentary, 1990), others suggest that organisms without fins and scales resembled snakes and thus are abhorrent to eat (.

Much pork and chicken and some beef (not so much in nz where most is free range grass fed) transgresses the criterion of care. Hba1c of less than 5. Concerning the claim that white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate, i find that a bit ludicrous. Many modern carnivores exclusively eat carrion, or they can temporarily supplement or even substitute their diet with carrion. A number of us who have been eating a zero carb diet for a while have found that we are simply unable to digest rendered fats. But my personal feeling (which i can't back up with data) is that most people aren't necessarily *against* carnivorism, they're just not interested in adopting it themselves. Carnivore diet results: will the meal plan help with weight loss. Careful you don't step on a mouse/rat (there would be trillions and trillions).

 there’s no historical evidence that the anatomy or habits of pigs suddenly changed at the cross. Egyptian "book of the dead"). They come in both a large (standard) and small size (bantam). The explosive new plan to blast fat, build muscle and get healthy. My lovely wife – a herbivore extraordinaire. The keto diet is surging in popularity right now, so you might be wondering if the keto diet and the carnivore diet are one in the same. With carnivore’s bible, other elements like becoming a self expert, identifying foundational principles, discovering what we are good at are also included.

You’ll need a sibling or a parent or friend. Why might you need to read about a carnivore diet food list. Humans have no carnivorous/omnivorous instincts whatsoever when we're born, young and growing up. If you’re active/athletic, eat more meat. Register for happy keto body today. That's your rule, not mine, remember. Here are some clarifications on eight of the most consequential scriptural misunderstandings in popular culture. Defer to any other larger carnivore an their territories tend to be crammed. It is widely held by mainstream scholars that the kjv. Would henceforth glide on its belly and be an object of dread and loathing.

Instead of focusing on ketogenic macronutrient percentages, follow the steps above or use the. Herbivores and humans, on other hand have a stomach ph of 4 to 5 with food in it. Every flying creature of the heavens, and he began bringing them to the man to. You, and i will bring the sword on you. Some researchers suggest that the simple stone tools used for pounding seeds and nuts could have easily been reassigned to cracking animal bones and cutting off chunks of flesh. ' conception and childbirth would not be easy and rapid. Pain is pain whether it be inflicted on man or beast. Bears are an example of members of carnivora that are not true carnivores. Phytic acid, goitrogens, oxalates, and tannins) in not just grains and soy, but also cruciferous veggies such as spinach and broccoli. Herbivorous animals that consume plants con-taining a high proportion of cellulose must “ferment” (digestby bacterial enzyme action) their food to obtain the nutrient value.

And abel brings the very best sheep he has. Anyway, i must say that this album seems more planned and less spontaneous that the debut. [12] hatching success for undisturbed pairs can be as high as 95%, but because of sibling competition or siblicide, in the wild, usually all but one nestling dies within the first few weeks (later in the pink-backed and spot-billed species). Before i wrap this up,. For example, many different animals eat snakes, and all snakes are carnivores. If you try the carnivore diet and find it an enjoyable way to live your life, and experience no adverse side effects from it, feel free to use it as long as you like. Do you experience the mental clarity, alertness, regulated blood sugar.

There is scientific evidence that dinosaur fossils that have been found are that young. “the dash diet, or dietary approaches to stop hypertension, is a more beneficial diet for people with diabetes,” says kayla jaeckel, rd, cde, a diabetes educator at the mount sinai health system. Namely, a study by the world journal of gastroenterology compared the effects of high, normal and low fiber intake. It is a simple and versatile diet that can help you reach any fitness goals as long as you stick with it. Not like a cup, but just the taste of vinegar was appealing. Clausius, kelvin, and other scientists) into a fundamental scientific law,. So what were these dinosaur-like creatures like, according to the bible.

You can save 20% on your first purchase on motherdirt. Carnivore’s bible is safe. What do you think the hunting refers to. Authorities could use carnivore as soon as october to examine. We began to cast doubt where slavery, sexism, bigotry, and ignorance are supported by dogma. Shawn baker says that the carnivore tribe is going to dispel a bunch of nutritional nonsense.

For more information about the zero carb carnivore lifestyle, please join us in our facebook group. The direction they come from. Yet he did not even describe our origins in anyway similar to how they actually occurred. Other, more liberal, carnivore diet adherents will consume other foods including coffee, butter, tea, heavy cream, or ghee. What the bible does teach is the concept that there are certain times and certain days on which it is appropriate to fast and or abstain from things we like. This description of carnivorous activity in the most ancient era of god’s early creation.

11 who has confronted me that i must pay compensation (to him). We have strong evidence that early pleistocene humans – definite members of our genus – were ambush predators 2 million years ago. What was the point of making him sad. Will be a father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters,. Read the three sections of the book. This appears to refer to their need to remain near bodies of water. Meaning the more carbs you eat the more vitamin c you need to survive, and guess what if you are keto/zero carb you need less vitamin c; much less in fact. , israel for giving birth to jesus christ who. Collagen is literally the protein that binds everything in your body from your joints to your skin to make sure everything is working correctly.

Red burner contains the powerful compound t2, which after ingestion tells your thyroid to naturally ramp up your overall resting metabolism. We all accept carnivore’s bible fulfill our responsibilities. Not everyone enjoys eating so much fat on a keto diet, and they may instead opt for a high-protein diet like carnivore, says rodgers. She was in intensive care for days fighting for her life and the vet still cannot believe he saved her. Live their lives according to the natures with which god endowed them, free. As a chemist and a teacher, i appreciate true science.

People of the nations, to incite them to jealousy. Much of the intrigue to the carnivore diet is due to its extremely simple protocol. I will take a fresh look at the relevant scriptural passages, and at the ways in which old-earth creationists try to deal with the problem. Bears have not, however, adopted the flattened, bluntnails seen in most herbivores and retain the elongated,pointed claws of a carnivore. If there’s a steak there, oh, i am going to kill it.

Humans eat both plants and meat.

Carnivore Diet Bible

Each year, on the night before the holiday, the jolly old elf loads up his sleigh, pulled by 8 beasts, and travels the globe delivering toys to the children who have been good. You’ll find all over the internet, tons of people praising just how beneficial the diet is. Mat 15:2  why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the. Consider also that it is hard to get quality animal products, and this carnivore diet could possibly become the most expensive, most laborious diet for anyone to attempt to undertake, even more so than veganism. Was the mother of all living'; acts 17:26, 'he made of one every. Although many vegans believe that animal products promote inflammation, the opposite is true – cutting plants from your diet can significantly lower inflammation.

At ille dixit eis praecipitate eam deorsum et praecipitaverunt eam aspersusque est sanguine paries et equorum ungulae qui conculcaverunt eam. These passages provide further confirmation that there was no carnivorous activity before the fall. The pancreas responds to the glucose produced by the liver by producing. Verses 5 and 6 speak of making the best of opportunities to speak with grace in answering non-christians. Yet god showed his authority over even the most powerful of beasts by shutting the lions’ mouths. They believe that the identifiable remnant of israel today, the jews, are cursed for both their rejection of god in the ot and of jesus in the nt. Jesus christ, "made" spiritually "alive when you were". Traditional animal-based diets typically involve organ meats and even the stomach and intestinal contents of herbivores. While there are plenty of anecdotes, there is not yet a lot of large-scale quantitative research into the long-term impacts of a carnivore diet. Healthy people and not diabetics.

Inedible to humans and other animals into nutritious, high quality protein products (meat and milk) that people can then use for food. Weight loss shouldn’t be a criterion. This can be quite effective at determining which foods are best for your body. Everything inthe waters that has not fins and scales is detestable to you. Lobster are actually just aquatic insects. It was only after the flood that god said for man to eat animals.

He’s somewhat of an inspirational figure for other fans of the diet, some of whom post about their health gains on meatheals. And it makes no sense, because if i had stayed on carnivore and stayed lean, i might have had a million girls [laughs]. I went for a 9 mile run after work. And i continued, i’ve continued to have blood work done through these 13 years, with that same doctor who was obviously supportive, since it was his idea. I leave it be and eat more beef sticks. His disciples eat bread with defiled, that is, with unwashed hands,. Who should try a carnivorous diet. None of the following is medical advice. Of course size does matter and you won’t expect that a hundred-ton titanosaur could move as fast as a horse or other faster animals.

Exist in their modern forms. The point where trees give up and become large bushes and is equally at. In a famous korean myth, a tiger and a bear wanted to be human and, in order to do so, they had to eat nothing but garlic and herbs for 40 days.   the descendants of the lca who specialized in a savanna habitat retained their dominant predatory way of life, and this line slowly graduated from insects and worms to snakes, amphibians and other small animals, then to larger and larger savanna animals until finally the highly carnivorous human emerged. Eat animals (gen 9:3), it was in this context of the clean and unclean, which. Life is all about making the best choices we can with imperfect data. And all this time she did not know her teeth were "poorly formed" for her diet.

Of the earth alone that god saw what he had made, and, behold, it was very. Carbohydrates are empty calories that are not. Who knows what carnivore were railing against on "retaliation", but it's sure to have been mortally wounded. I drank about 2 liters of water today. Think much broader than that, now. I’ll be keeping my eye out for anything that comes out and will update this article as necessary.

So fingers crossed this time next year you could have a paper on how 1000’s of people thrived on a carnivore diet. Original references to literal, physical dinosaur-like creatures predominate in the earlier books of. Hydrochloric acid can not eat through your stomach like it can eat through metal, cloth, or wood. Natural selection is not perfect. Some people also eat dairy, particularly cheese. Enki was also the god of the watery abyss, abzu.

Myself, the church i pastor and our website, are. Vertically, resulting in the familiar funnel shape, which causes destruction at. Carbohydrates will lead to an emergency hyperglycemic episode. It is something to investigate and possibly try if you have difficulty with fat digestion, but it is not universally helpful to everyone who tries it. Demote meat (this one will save you less in nz but even here in the land of cheap meat the cost of protein from beans and such is way less than meat). Social media features and widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our site. Reveal that verse four can only refer to vegetables and clean meat as that is what god has sanctified. Such ambitious plans will require years of negotiation, public education, and clever collaboration to overcome the endless conflicting interests on the ground.

Is a carnivorous diet healthy. Click on it to hear how it is played. The carnivore community believes that we have evolved to mainly eat meat. Meat can provide all these, however so can other diets just as well in his opinion. Beverages like coffee, tea, and alcohol can be controversial among practitioners of the diet: some indulge, some don’t. Carnivore, cia psyops, the "mandela effect" and gullible sheep. Designed to make this sugar in massive quantities. And another similar document: “the gerson miracle” this is what vegan diet does. "the years leading up to the worldwide flood judgment were no doubt.

Evidence of the ketogenic diet’s anti-inflammatory properties has also been demonstrated in some prior animal studies. The carnivore diet has even been described as a haven for the alt-right. And so if you could speak to your previous self when you first started on this diet, was there anything that you wish you would have known sooner that took you awhile to figure out and that kind of made all the difference when you were eating carnivore. Genesis 3:14-19 is one of the key. Although we may not know all the reasons behind his commands, he knows what’s best for us. It is just that i am reading a lot of material where you don’t need to eat vegetables and you can thrive without them. Many other carnivores like to supplement their diet with plant material of some fashion, the most famous being dogs and cats occasionally eating grass to settle their stomachs. And weeds were abundant and where wild animals roamed and where life was. After adam sinned man and animals began to degenerate. From my experiment, i've concluded that i have no desire to continue the zero-carb way of eating, because i love variety.

That said, extreme diets like the carnivore diet gain a fierce following, and some people may even allow it to become their identity. Grace, of the promised deliverance. Carnivore’s bible will help you to show yourself, you can do things which you thought impossible. (mainly jews by birth) were scattered abroad from. Since then, people all over the world have hopped on the carnivore diet. Diet of grass that the bible is predicting for current carnivores. According to the fossil record, some had bodies too big for their skeletons, while others had brains too small to function properly. Illustration of how the shedding of human blood would be required 'at the. Earlier medieval examples of the motif appear in painted murals, for example that of.

In recent times, we have been “shown” and taught that the best foods for our bodies are plant based foods because they tend to contain essential nutrients, living enzymes and are bioavailable. There sugar alcohols generally have unpleasant side effects such as abdominal discomfort and bloating. What do you think about the information in this article.  saponins have soapy, foaming characteristics. To be caught and destroyed, will, in the things of which they are ignorant and. Do you see the word zoo in that word. They lay eggs and are probably the number one source of common nutrition to humans on earth. (courtesy of ramon teja and used by permission). He is talking about g-d’s laws.

And you shall be holy to me, for i the lord am holy, and have. While some people believe that diets work because you eliminate all plants (carnivore/zero carb) or animals (i. An accu-chek meter or any other brand that offers a full-cost rebate. Baker’s journey into the carnivore diet. As you decrease your carbohydrates, increase your protein. I got brit back on board and her headaches didn't return.

And, it’s been a little hard for me to read about the latest diet trend: the all meat diet. Most carnivores live an elusive life, what makes them vulnerable for misinterpretation of their status. Hello dear friends; are you still searching carnivore’s bible review. A lions’ den was sure destruction for anyone tossed inside. If, at any time in the bible god had intended man to be a vegetarian, it might have been in the garden of eden, before the fall. Perhaps some sort of fruit or vegetable. With the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the bible means when it speaks of clean and unclean foods. Junius and andronicus, who according to romans 16:7 were. The first thing we need to know is that there is a direct command in.

However, shellfish is a multi-billion dollar business and eating such aquatic life considered a delicacy in most parts of the world. In my next post, i’ll explain all about my personal experience trying it for two weeks, and my final thoughts. The onslaught of carbohydrates in the diet over. Thus, recent centuries have seen the demise of such giants as haast's eagle. Use your lapbook to help you.   i still use the electrolyte ratios i had included in my beginner’s keto guide (available for free down below). Because if human survival is not necessary in and of itself,. If someone is not open to the possibility that god is a person who can relate to them and reveal himself through his word, then the bible really is just another ancient text.

Was the mother of all the living. A brazil nut a day which she loves and just takes from me – for selenium.

Carnivore Diet Bible
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Carnivore Bible
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